Zodiac Signs Who Would Never Admit Feeling For A Friend

Scorpion You're a snare made of steel. If you don't want anyone else to find out about your secret, then they won't. You, in contrast to the vast majority of others

 You would much rather that everyone remain blissfully unaware of your inner workings, thank you very much, and this includes the fact that you have a hard-core crush on your closest friend. 

This is because you'll go to such great efforts for them to not know how you really feel. You've done an excellent job, Scorpio.

Capricorn It's not that you don't like to try new things or take risks. You are a diligent worker who enjoys helping other people make their dreams come true


things get complicated very quickly. If there is a possibility that you could get wounded, you would prefer to do something else instead. Would you be thrilled if your friend moved in its place instead of you? Without a doubt. 

Aquarius You don't want to be the one to upset the apple cart. You are more concerned with maintaining the status quo, though. If you were honest with your friend about how you feel, it would likely result in many positive changes

You are completely unprepared for the transition from friendship to a romantic relationship and have no idea what to expect. It wouldn't just be your friendship with your crush

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