5 Zodiac Sign That Is the Most Cowardly

Some people thrive in troubling situations. They are the type to face their own fears head-on as well as tackle tough things for their loved ones.  

known for having a strong desire for perfection, Virgos create a lot of worry for themselves due to their unachievable goals. 

Taureans are creatures of habit," says Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac. "They thrive in familiar surroundings 


Pisces are known for their gentleness and sensitivity, according to Rodriquez.  So to protect their delicate emotional balance, they prefer to avoid confrontations." 

But this doesn't mean they actually prefer having to keep the peace. Instead, they'd rather it never be disrupted in the first place. 

Capricorns assess all the possible outcomes before making a decision, which can slow down their response and make them appear hesitant or overly cautious 

Cancers are known for being deeply emotional and sensitive, and this often causes them to be fearful of anything and everything. 

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