You Desire an Adult Male, Not a Boyfriend

You want a responsible person. Manhood is appealing when he takes responsibility for his acts. Even a green flag.

Man-children rely on others to solve their problems. He lacks self-maturity to make decisions. He wastes money and struggles to manage it. 

You deserve a responsible adult.


Someone with good communication abilities is ideal. Man-children avoid long conversations and future talk. Man-children rarely show empathy and only listen to reply.

Instead of communicating, a man-child acts passive-aggressively or silently when upset.

You deserve someone to have uncomfortable conversations with. Someone emotionally mature enough to conduct long conversations, listen to understand, and talk things out. 

Want a trustworthy person. Flaky or unreliable people are ugly. A man-child is late, breaches promises, and fails to deliver. As a man-child, he won't take responsibility for his flakiness. He may blame someone or something and make an excuse.

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