What Turns Men Off Emotionally

I think it's when a lady never starts anything. I'll start, but you have to work with me. If I feel like the only one trying, I lose interest quickly.

“When the woman isn't into me. I may be attractive to her for what I have, yet she may not be interested in me. Everything in that relationship is terrible and will fail

Ultimatums. I reject ultimatums. ‘Your buddies or me.’ Bye! We've known each other for 20+ years and you for 2 months


“Not sure if it's the biggest one, but talking about others behind their back. I think we all do that when frustrated, but doing it regularly is harmful and undesirable.

Being rude. Being courteous to waiters is such a turn-on that being rude to them is a deal-breaker. Cigarettes and vapes are also significant turnoffs.

A girl who is not and clearly will never be self-sufficient. I don't want anyone with me because she needs an idiot to pay her debts

Playing text game "Oh, I'll wait a few hours to reply." Some people are busy, but waiting a day or two to reply is terrible. Just say "I'm busy, I'll text you tomorrow

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