What each zodiac sign is secretly obsessed with

The word obsession comes from the Latin obsidere “to besiege,” and apt as a true obsession can feel very much like being surrounded without means for escape. 

Beyond people, our obsessions can run from the mundane (dental health) to the maniacal (popularity). Read on to discover what obsession besieges each sign in the zodiac. 

Taurus rules the second house of values and self-worth and consequently bulls oft conflate the two. Governed by Venus, planet of pleasure and possessions they get the former from the latter 


the obsessions of the Gemini ilk are brief but intense. Ever connected to information of the high and low variety (state secrets or salacious gossip) they are obsessed with the exchange of ideas 

Cancer, which rules the fourth house of home and ancestry, is predisposed to an obsession with the past. The most nostalgic sign in the zodiac they feel called to places they’ve never been 

Leo gets the lion share of shade for being self-obsessed and at times the pejorative proves true but these mane shakers have infatuations that live beyond them.  

Virgo rules the guts and the sixth house of service. Meticulous by nature, these mutable earth signs are low key obsessed with the fine tuning and smooth running of their corporeal forms. 

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