To Stay Agile and Competitive, Exercise Your Ankles

Exercises for Ankle Mobility Because ankle mobility depends on strength and flexibility, there are a few workouts you should do to build joint muscles. 

 which may be done with small dumbbells or your own body weight.

Straighten after your ankles allow or knees are over toes. Do three 10-rep sets. If this movement strains your ankles, switch to a chair-supported sit-and-stand 10 times


.Stand with feet together for reverse lunges. Right foot, huge step rearward. Center your weight between your forward and rear foot and bend your right knee almost to the floor and your left knee over your left toes

 Hold this deep reverse lunge for two counts, then straighten. Repeat 10 left and 10 right three times. 

Ankle Mobility Stretches For best benefits and safety, warm up with vigorous walking before exercising. After finishing, gently stretch and move your ankles.

Sit on the floor for outside ankle mobility. Raise your right leg in front of you. Wrap exercise bands or a towel around your foot arch and hold both ends in your left hand.

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