Three Astrological Types That Avoid Arguments

 Libra To "keep the peace" in their relationships, Libras are famed conflict avoiders. This is the view of Libra

who thinks that this will keep the peace and harmony in the world. Instead than trying to push problems under the rug, Libra would do well to learn how to deal with them constructively

Pisces  sees the couple through rose-colored spectacles. This water sign is so idealistic that it will ignore warning signs rather than address problems in the partnership. 


However, putting off dealing with a problem rarely results in it going away and is more likely to make it worse

The cumulative effect of these minor irritations will become apparent sooner or later.

Taureans  value peace and quiet beyond anything else. Taurus finds conflicts extremely stressful and will frequently go to great lengths to avoid them or quickly "resolve" them. 

Taurus wants to have a genuine and healthy relationship with another person, he or she must learn to tolerate disagreement

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