These Breeds Show Dogs Are Smart

Fearless Hunting Dog This pup finds the badger, corners it, and runs back to tell the owner where his prey is.

Jack Russell Terriers are energetic little balls ready to be used. These swift and courageous fox hunters easily hunt badgers.The Chinooks Protect Their Families Smart, patient, and dedicated

 They can learn simple tricks or hauling, search-and-rescue, or herding.


These New England-bred dogs are rare today. There are few American Kennel Club dogs like them.Bats Want To Show Off Their Brains

The classic French waterdog, the Barbet, is smart and agile. Barbets need a positive training environment to maximize these qualities. This makes them loyal and kind to other dogs and people.

 These curious dogs have keen senses and were designed to find odors for several purposes.

Australian cattle dogs should be trained Australian Cattle Dogs are smart. They are wary of outsiders, thus their attentiveness makes them good watchdogs. 

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