These 3 wall exercises promise stomach tightening and strength.

You can do many great ab or core workouts at home without weights. Simply utilizing your body weight works! These three moves focus Luisa on that. 

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For the first one, stand three to four feet from the wall facing it. Lean forward and place your hands over your head on the wall diagonally. 

Pull your right knee into your stomach while tightening your core. Repeat 20 repetitions with your left knee for 3 sets.


For the second exercise, keep the wall-leaning stance but mix up the legs. While still crunching your knee to your stomach, touch your knee and opposite elbo

, such as your right knee to your left elbow. Keep your core tight. Repeat 20 times for 3 sets.

Finally, perform the last exercise with your hands on the wall. Your knees will compress into your tummy while turning to meet the other side

Take a minute break between sets if you're doing these all at once to rest your body. Happy chewing!

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