The Zodiac Sign-Resonant Artwork

This Pre-Raphaelite masterwork displays Shakespeare's Ophelia lying in a tranquil pond surrounded by greenery. Taurus, this wonderful work's soft calm will comfort and bond you.

Gemini, investigate the countless staircases and interweaving paths—they may feel like home

Cancer, “The Bedroom” by Vincent van Gogh can comfort your caring and sentimental side. This painting shows Van Gogh's Arles bedroom with bright colors and details.

Leo, Henri Matisse's vivid picture “The Goldfish” matches your love of splendor and excitement. The goldfish against a rich backdrop draw attention and exude color. Leo, this painting's bright colors and style reflect your flai


Virgo, Johannes Vermeer's “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window” most reflects your meticulousness. This intricate, meditative picture will appeal to your thoughtful side and provide something to contemplat

 A young woman gleefully swings in a forest in this Rococo picture, reflecting your grace and carefree elegance. Libra, this pleasant, playful piece's subtle touches will

Scorpio, Francisco Goya's terrifying “Saturn Devouring His Son” best captures your intensity. This dramatic painting depicts human nature's darkest side, matching your interest in life's mysteries.

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