The Top 4 Signs of the Zodiac in Need of Motivation

GEMINI As a result, Geminis require the company of those who excel at "over-communicating" lest they get paralyzed by their own emotions.

 If a Gemini is continuously at odds with their own thoughts and emotions, they may incorrectly assume that everyone

SCORPIO Although Scorpios may appear more reserved than other signs, they are actually the ultimate people pleasers. They hope their loved ones are pleased with them


 their romantic partners aren't looking to settle down, and they've lived lives that are exceptional to say the least.

SAGITTARIUS Sagittarians enjoy the spotlight. Tough love, teasing, and any form of extra attention are all welcome in their book

 They need encouragement, for someone to be concerned about how they are doing and give them direction. They wish they had someone to guide them, instruct them, and cheer them on as they develop. 

VIRGO Virgos seek out recognition in the form of medals, certificates, and citations. They can't wait for their efforts to be ranked and their abilities to be assigned a numerical value.

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