The Most Stuck-Up Zodiac Sign

 Leo "It's unsurprising that these kings and queens of the jungle believe they deserve everyone's love

As folks who crave attention, fire signs will be a touch pushy. Without knowing them, they seem stuck-up, even if it's really about affirmation.

 Capricorn Capricorns work hard and pursue their goals relentlessly. "Their focus on success and climbing the social ladder can make them seem distant and unapproachable


Capricorns don't mean to appear snooty. Once they're into their latest endeavor, they can only think about finishing it to their high standard

 Scorpio Scorpios are emotional and complex water signs. "While their mysterious nature can sometimes be mistaken for aloofness, it's truly a reflection of the profound

 Taurus Taurus, the most materialistic zodiac sign, enjoys luxury and brags about it. Bennett jokes that they spot cheap or fraudulent items faster than everyone else.

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