3 Funniest Zodiac Signs

Aries You enjoy the notion of being humorous, but planning doesn't make you giggle. You are renowned for speaking without thinking.

You'll say anything comes to mind before considering its viability. Your quick wit makes the crowd chuckle, and you don't realize it. 

 Without a filter, you could injure someone by making a joke at their expense.


Scorpio Your wit is stinging. Aries may say something unpleasant unintentionally, but you'll toss barbs knowing they're mean. Your pals know you're not a monster, thankfully. Instead, they take your jokes as a joke regardless of intent

Maybe that's why they always want your input. They know your negative or pessimistic opinion will be entertaining. Everyone would disagree if you said you weren't funny.

Aquarius You're the sort to witness everyone laughing at what you said and wonder why. You were merely expressing your viewpoint or sharing entertaining, pertinent trivia. You say everything with a purpose

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