The Easiest-to-Train, Most Obedient Dog Breeds

German Shepard This type of dog, which can grow to be quite enormous, was developed in Germany. They're exceedingly loyal to their owners and, despite their intelligence, they're wary of outsiders. 

The average guy weighs 66-88 pounds, whereas the average female weighs 49-71. Their typical lifespan is between nine and thirteen years. S

. Since they are naturally inquisitive, vigilant, and assured, they make fantastic cadaver dogs. 


They can also sense changes in blood sugar levels, making them an ideal pet for diabetic owners

Dog, BorderThese dogs were developed in Northumberland, a county on England's northern border, and were originally intended to herd sheep. 

It's common for men to weigh 30 to 45 pounds and women to weigh 27 to 42 pounds. Their longevity is above average, with some individuals living for up to 17 years. 

Border Collies have a high level of intelligence and train rapidly because they are so eager to please their masters. They do best in spacious environments

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