Suggestions for living from cats

Self-care matters. Everyone knows cats spend too much time grooming and looking good. This hobby may consume up to 50% of their day! Far from us to suggest anyone

See better from above. Natural predators are cats. Silent and patient, they master choosing the best spot to examine their surroundings. House cats like to hang high despite rarely having prey.

 Sleep is Life Cats sleep 15–20 hours a day, depending on age and activity. What an inspiration! Our hectic lives don't let us sleep as much as they do, but our furry friends can teach us that sleep is essential to a happy, balanced life.


Dare to ask for what you desire Walking over our boss's laptop, rolling around on our backs while our partner makes supper, and flashing our backsides to a visiting girlfriend may not have the same effect as cats, so we should try something else. 

Having fun is ageless. No cat, young or old, can resist a laser pointer or catnip-infused mouse. We should follow our four-legged pals' lead and never let age stop us from living!Be mindful of limits. 

Be mindful of limits. Cats are known for setting boundaries. Cats will tell you they don't want to be petted. Many of us could use more feline drive to say no, demand respect for our personal space, and set boundaries

Communication is an art We now know that adult cats meow when chatting to humans, but they still prefer nonverbal communication. Change is excellent

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