Star sign-related procrastination

Aries, an energetic star sign, is called a "deflector procrastinator." Aries will be too busy to accomplish what they don't want to.

Leos struggle with multitasking and prefer to work alone. This may cause them to delay chores without assistance.

Sags love fun and have a wicked sense of humor. Avoidance procrastinators disregard tasks they don't want to accomplish.

Gemini is best described as "bored procrastinator." They're bored halfway through the task, not because they don't want to.


Libras are juvenile about doing something they don't want to. Libras avoid doing things as long as possible.

Cancers frequently fear repeating mistakes. Therefore, people regularly replay their blunders in their heads.

Scorpio procrastinates to avoid appearing dumb. The last thing this sign wants is to appear incompetent.

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