Sleeping-fat-burning foods

Turkey, as provided by Health Makes You, is a rich source of lean protein that aids in muscle building and repair, including daily calorie burn. Tryptophan helps generate serotonin

Oat Meal Whole grain oatmeal contains protein and fiber, which regulates digestion, decreases inflammation, and keeps you nourished longe

Greek Yogurt Greek yogurt burns overnight fat and is adaptable. High protein content increases metabolism and calorie burning. Probiotics help regulate weight by promoting intestinal health


Protein Shake Protein drinks help you lose weight by building muscle while you sleep. Consuming a scoop of protein powder after an evening workout maximizes

Whole Grains Quinoa, bulgur wheat, and buckwheat provide slow-digesting complex carbs. This digestion releases energy throughout the night so you don't wake up hungry. 

Almonds Almonds burn fat and are very nutritious. Healthy monounsaturated fats enhance metabolism and inhibit hunger, making them perfect for weight loss. 

Cinnamon Tea Cinnamon tea is tasty and includes catechins and polyphenols. These chemicals aid fat burning. Take this tea before bed to enhance metabolism,

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