Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Your phone buzzes no longer in hopes of a message from them. Since your situationship is so far away, when you get a notification, you don't even think about it. 

If they contacted you, you would never respond. Even though it would be hard, you'd know better and not want to fall for false optimism again. No one wants to reopen old hurts, a sign they've healed.

You unfollowed your relationship on social media. You don't check on them either. Like ever. Not even at 2 AM when you can't sleep.


They no longer annoy you. In truth, you don't care much about them. Just someone you dated briefly. Nothing bothers you.

You know your experience was valid and don't need anyone else to confirm it.

The drama of wanting your relationship to be official no longer interests you. The conversation is over and you have more intriguing topics.

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