Signs of the Zodiac That Hide Their Anger

Cancer: You tend to compartmentalize your feelings. You won't always express your anger. You'll lie and say you're fine, even when they know otherwise. Y

therefore you wish others could solve the problem. You wish they knew what you were thinking without you saying it. Unfortunately, that rarely happens

Sagittarius Because you try to keep the situation light and pleasant, Sagittarius rarely admits anger. People can typically detect when you're acting weird. They can sense your distress. 


When you claim everything is fine, it can frustrate them. You might think you're saving your loved ones by being the bigger person and sucking it u

but they'd be happier if you came out and admitted what was wrong from the start,

 if you trusted them enough to be honest instead of putting on an inauthentic show

 Remember that your closest loved ones won't mind your madness. They'll just want to help.

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