Relaxing Activities for Weary Loved-Ones

LEGO building. Find a set you both like to display (flower sets are easy sells if one of you is against showing a B2TF Delorean Time Machine in the house

open a bottle of wine, put on a comedy show you've seen 100 times, and start building! In my house, we alternate knocking and building. Nice night in, and you can put it away mid-build if someone gets sleepy

“Painting. Do not show each other, then switch canvases or paper after 20 minutes and continue. Funny and entertaining.


Have a bonfire. Cheap ambiance, fun cooking whatever's around, lame analogies to your loins—win-win.

We went out, did the bar scene, saw bands, etc. Still, sometimes we desire a night at home without the mob. Trivia games, 90s YouTube music, and a dance party.

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