Relationship limits by zodiac sign

Aries folks are fun since they're bold and inventive. However, not respecting their limitations might suffocate them.

Leos, another fierce fire sign, give plenty in partnerships. However, they tend to pedestalize their relationships, which can disappoint.

The most adventurous star sign, Sags prioritize independence and space. This does not prevent them from falling in love.

Gemini, an intelligent and lively air sign, like surprises. They are about small, spontaneous actions; even a hint of strain can weigh things down.


Libras are often talking and love intelligent conversations with dates. They tend to overcommit.

Aquarius babies are fiercely independent and never compromise. This is a nice trait, but too much can hinder relationships.

Cancer is an emotional sign. They adore elaborate gestures and passionate displays, but putting others' happiness before their own can cause problems.

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