Reducing Stomach Fat With These Foods

Use Olive Oil When Cooking Even though olive oil has 119 calories per tablespoon, it is not a weight gainer. Olive oil consumers were followed for three years in a research published 

Reducing Stomach Fat With These Food

. They reduced their body fat percentage and increased their blood levels of antioxidants.

Late-Night Cottage Cheese If you tend to eat late at night, you may be interested in learning about this fat-fighting food. The effects of eating cottage cheese before night were examined


2018 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Participants' weight loss was improved by eating two tablespoons of cottage cheese 30 minutes before bed.

.Use Cinnamon To Sweeten Your Diet-Friendly Dishes Add some cinnamon to your dish for a sweet-tasting weight loss food. Researchers at the University of Michigan studied cinnamaldehyde

an oil found in cinnamon, in 2017. This oil stimulated thermogenesis, the process by which fat was converted into energy, during the trial.

The study's lead author, Dr. Jun Wu, concluded that cinnamon improved metabolism and "[could] help protect against obesity.

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