Ranking the Best Pastries Available in Coffee Shops

Banana Bread This pastry has a peculiar flavor that some enjoy, others shun. It's sweet and fruity, but banana doesn't always go with coffee. 

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 Bear Claw Bear Claws, puff pastries fashioned like bear paws, are between donuts and danishes. For the few coffee shops that offer i

 Cheese Danish A coffee shop favorite, the cheese danish never disappoints. Because we want coffee, any cheese-and-dough combination is wonderful but not in the top five pastries.


Cinnamon Roll Coffee and cinnamon? Match made in heaven. Sugar-laden cinnamon rolls are thick and gooey. However, this treat: If you want a light morning pastry like me, don't go.

Blueberry Scones Scones, a tea party favorite, combine well with coffee due to their buttery sweetness. For particular, blueberry scones have fresh

 Chocolate Croissant The genius who stuffed a croissant with chocolate—thank you. Despite its buttery exterior, a croissant has a chocolate-y inside. Chocolate croissants are the perfect companion 

 Pumpkin season brings delicious coffee drinks and sweets, including pumpkin muffins, that shine on coffee shop menus.

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