No one wants to date these zodiac signs

Gemini You're known for being insane. This can be enjoyable at times... Sometimes it's exhausting! Nobody knows what to anticipate from you.

You can be gloomy and unpredictable, so who will show up on the date, Jekyll or Hyde

Scorpio You're not surprised to be on this list. You possess the potential for a fantastic relationship partner. However, your jealousy and possessiveness make dating difficult. 


 Aquarius Your individuality and quirkiness make you intriguing. but your emotional remoteness and almost robotic approach make you difficult

 Pisces Sweet and delicate pisces can be dreamy or nightmare. You can be a great, loyal partner by prioritizing your emotional health

Aries Just a little too much. With too much drama, intensity, and honesty, you might be dangerous! The zodiac fears facing you

 Capricorn Driving you almost to a fault. Your desires and self-focus are too extreme. Depending on your mood, you can be cruel and use your power to hurt others

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