Most Psychic Zodiac Sign

Cancer is the most psychic zodiac sign, and it's easy to see why. Cancer can easily pick up others' emotions as a water sign.

You can know what someone is thinking and feeling before they can. Because the moon rules emotions, mysticism, dreams, intuition, and psychic power, this is mostly due to it.

Scorpios are the zodiac's most inquisitive. As a water sign, you like to understand your surroundings. If you think the solutions are buried, you'll find them. 


You keep your knowledge concealed and love digging for the truth. Pluto, your planetary ruler, also gives you psychic abilities.

Sagittarius is known for their freedom and adventure, not just in travel. One of the most creative and curious fire signs, you adore learning and are thirsty for knowledge.

Half the struggle of developing a psychic gift is believing you can. You believe in mind power. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the planet of knowledge, spirituality, and expansion.

Pisces—dreamy and artistic—should be on this list. Why wouldn't you have a special connection with the psychic realm since you spend much of your free time in fantasy

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