Most Powerful Dogs in the World

The Malinois, often known as a Belgian shepherd, is a smart and hardworking dog, but its high intelligence and work ethic make it a poor choice for inexperienced pet owners. 

 Due to their potentially violent nature, this breed is not recommended for households with young children.  

This breed requires an experienced owner who can begin early socialization and training. They do not require any special training to be protective of their loved ones.


Because of their intelligence, agility, and power, Malinois are used by law enforcement and military organizations all over the world.

These enormous working dogs, of the Swiss mountain dog breed, are kind and sociable, but don't be fooled by their easygoing demeanor. 

They look fluffy on the outside, but beneath that tricolor fur is pure muscle. As much as a thousand pounds can be transported by one.

Bulldog, EnglishThe initial purpose for English bulldogs was for the cruel sport of bullbaiting, in which the dogs would charge and attack a bull that was chained to a stake.

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