Complete Guide to Dog Vaccinations

Getting your dog vaccines is the most critical thing you can do for their health. Safe and effective dog immunizations help prevent many of the most serious 

Like human babies, puppies gain some immunity in the womb and others with first milk. However, the puppy's immunity disappears quickly in the first few weeks

This lethal and contagious disease can kill humans and dogs. Rabies is rare in North America, but wild mammals can attack and infect your unvaccinated dog.

In the past, canine distemper killed many dogs. It is now exclusively found in shelters and pet stores. However, it is still common in the wild, so it is always risky. Dogs' neurological systems can be devastated by distemper


Every type of dog has its own parvovirus, one of the most common and deadly viruses in the world. It is a hardy virus that can survive on furniture and has an 80% death rate.

Canine leptospirosis is a spirochete that can infect humans and canines. The spiral-shaped parasite destroys organ function and can cause chronic kidney and liver failure and death when in full bloom.

Another extremely contagious yet mild and self-limiting respiratory tract virus is canine parainfluenza (five to 10 days). Infected dogs' nasal secretions spread it, causing a persistent cough and bronchitis. 

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