Gorgeous Labor Day Dessert

Strawberry shortcake meets tiramisu in this delightful treat. Like other summer no-bake desserts, the cake is chilled overnight to solidify the ladyfingers

This Labor Day dessert is easy to make on your barbeque and will be a hit. Peach crisp without the oven. If waffle bowls are unavailable, serve in tiny bowls with ice cream.

Fill thin cake layers with airy whipped cream and fresh fruit. Use strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and even sliced stone fruit!


Instead of chasing the ice cream truck, bake these gorgeous bomb pop cookies for summer dessert. They're excellent for Fourth of July parties, Labor Day cookouts

This pie is ideal for days when you bring home too many blueberries from the farmers market or u-pick farm. Have fun decorating—patriotic stars work for many summer festivities

Store-bought oatmeal cookies work just as well as homemade ones if you're short on time. Decorate the sides with colorful jimmies for extra fun. 

This delicious recipe showcases juicy summer peaches. Prepare the shortbread crust ahead of time. Bake the stuffed peaches until soft and bubbling, then top with whipped cream

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