From most to least stylish, the zodiac signs

You are an unconditional fan of fashion. You are always on the lookout for the latest novelties and always follow the trend. Likewise, you live for new and exciting trends. 

You like to copy the style of the models of the big luxury brands. At Fashion Week, people could even confuse you with big stars. 

All your outfits are thought out in advance, so there is no question of taking a random item of clothing from your closet. You can even advise your loved ones on style! 


In public, you like to be at the cutting edge of fashion. But in private, you grab the first piece of clothing that comes along, to be comfortable in your cocoon. Comfort above all. 

You make the effort to dress well only if it's worth the effort. If you are Sagittarius sun Leo rising, you like beautiful things, and you must wear expensive materials 

Your quirky personality allows you to try new looks with varying degrees of success. If you're a Pisces sun Aquarius rising, you're the most forward-thinking personality in the zodiac. 

You buy new clothes all the time, but your addiction pushes you to hunt for pieces that are not always stylish. Your wallet suffers as well as your look! 

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