Four Zodiac Signs Easily Tempted

Aries Your impulses always win. Even if you realize someone is a horrible idea, you'll do what seems right and worry about the implications afterwards.

If they contacted you, you would never respond. Even though it would be hard, you'd know better and not want to fall for false optimism again. No one wants to reopen old hurts, a sign they've healed.

 You can't resist temptation because you desire fun today. You want fun today. Your spontaneity might create amazing memories or regrets.


Gemini Geminis strive to enjoy every minute. You do not want to miss any opportunity because you would rather regret the things you did than the things you were afraid to do.

Pisces Pisces, you are smart, yet you base your decisions on emotion rather than logic. You will follow your heart even if it leads you astray. You always give in to temptation. 

Scorpio Scorpio, you're a pessimist, therefore excellent and terrible judgments are equally risky. Every decision has the potential to go wrong. You realize it's hard to anticipate the future or another person's conduct.

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