Emotional needs of men in relationships

Men's emotional demands are often unmet by spouses. This is often not the partner's fault. Many partners feel their emotional requirements are comparable to their partners

Contrary to popular assumption, many men infidelity because their emotional needs are not addressed in their relationships. Women want affairs because their spouses don't provide sexual satisfaction

men adore their wives but receive little reinforcement and praise from her. Let's examine men's relationship emotional demands.


Everyone wants to be respected, but males take it seriously. Respect implies competence and appreciation, which many men seek.

Men value acceptance for who they are. Recognizing that they are enough and don't need to change. Men want to feel welcomed and belong in a relationship.

A relationship suffers if a man doesn't trust his spouse or doesn't feel trusted. Trust is crucial to his relationship safety.

Men in personal relationships value affection in all its manifestations. In particular, physical touch helps men express and experience love. 

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