Each Zodiac Can Achieve Goals This Virgo Season

Aries Knight of Wands, your card With some courageous confidence, you'll move much closer to your goals. Luckily, you're brave and determined, which is a natural Aries trait.

Taurus Your card: 6 of Wands If you need motivation to attain your goals, think about how fantastic you'll feel when you do. What pride feels like is nothing else. The public

Gemini Your card: 5 of Cups Regret paralyzes. Moving ahead is hard if you're stuck in your past failures. Change with success and let go of the past to achieve your ambitions.


Cancer Your card: 9 of Swords Anxiety kills your motivation. Stress stalls you, while others thrive on it. Remove the bad feelings that are holding you back to achieve your goals.

Leo Your card: 5 of Swords You won't get along this Virgo season. Conflict is inevitable if you want to achieve your goals, but you won't fail. Fighting back and standing firm will get you there.

Virgo Your card: Moon This is your season! You're good at getting things done, but you may want to follow your gut when it comes to involving others

Libra Your card: 2 of Wands If you want to succeed this Virgo season, you must make harsh choices. Change is hard, and you may have to fight your inner voice that wants to stay the same.

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