Crucial In-Law Boundaries

When you get married, the hardest relationship you'll have to learn to navigate might not be the one between you and your spouse. 

You and your spouse are allowed to have your own personal space without having to make sacrifices. it is crucial for your in-laws to respect this in order for your relationship to remain healthy. 

Best Life that it's also important to put a limit on phone calls from your in-laws. This should include being clear about when and how often these calls are acceptable 


Without this boundary, your spouse's parents may call several times a day and at inappropriate hours just to 'check in 

You partner's parents have no business being a part of your disagreements—especially because they're likely to be biased toward their own child's side 

These are boundaries regarding your body and how you want to be touched. For instance, this could involve whether or not you are comfortable hugging 

Finding your financial footing as a married couple may take some time, but be careful about letting your in-laws step in 

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