Cool Birthstone Facts by Month

January - Garnet Thousands of years ago, garnets were prized. Garnets were cherished, worn, and buried by Egyptian pharaohs

February - Amethys Greek mythology says amethyst keeps its bearer focused and bright in combat and business. During the Renaissance, many believed amethyst 

 March - Aquamarine The Brazilian government sent Eleanor Roosevelt a 1,298-carat dark blue step-cut aquamarine in 1936. The unique jewel is on display at the


April - Diamond Since diamonds are extremely strong, the name “diamond” comes from the Greek word “adamas,” meaning “unbreakable.” Diamonds are the classic engagement ring stone

 May - Emerald Emeralds have been prized throughout for thousands of years, and many believed they were magical. An emerald under the tongue is thought to reveal

June - Pearl Pearl owners were bewildered for ages. The Middle East believed pearls were teardrops from heaven, whereas the Chinese believed 

 July - Ruby Indian jewelry has always symbolized youth and power with rubies, known as the “king of precious stones.” Ruby hardness is second only to diamonds

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