Classic Comfort Foods Never Age

Baked Ziti This Italian-American staple has been a family favorite. It's rich, meaty, cheesy, and easy to make, making it the perfect comfort food for cold nights with several mouths to feed.

 Get the recipe here.Philly Cheesesteak What could be cozier than a heated sandwich bun with thinly sliced sautéed steak, peppers, onions, and two melty cheeses? Just gazing at this makes us groan with ecstasy

Fried Chicken Nothing beats a juicy taste of crunchy fried chicken. It's the king of comfort meals. Get our recipe for the best homemade KFC-style chicken.


Toasted Ravioli Famous in St. Louis, Missouri, 'toasted' ravioli is deep-fried but can be baked for fewer calories. However, the crispy, deep-fried, ready-to-dip version is worth the extra calories sometimes.

Gyros Nothing beats gyros' fragrance and taste. Once you taste the meaty Greek delicacy loaded with veggies, fries, and various sauces

Meatballs and Pasta Italy's gift to pasta and meat eaters. You probably grew up on this weeknight dinner and still do. A hefty layer of grated Parmesan puts you on the road to carbalicious, meaty redemption

.Meatloaf Always warm, comfortable, and gratifying, meatloaf is comfort food at its best. It was popular during the Great Depression because it was cheap and satisfying, excellent for leftover meats

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