Caffeine in Your Blood May Affect Body Fat And Diabetes Risk

Your blood caffeine levels may alter your body fat, which may affect your risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

 the University of Bristol in the UK, and Imperial College London in the UK suggested calorie-free caffeinated drinks may reduce body fat.

"Genetically predicted higher plasma caffeine concentrations were associated with lower BMI and whole body fat mass," the March article stated.


genetically predicted greater plasma caffeine concentrations reduced type 2 diabetes risk. Caffeine reduced type 2 diabetes liability by half through BMI reduction

Caffeine levels, BMI, and type 2 diabetes risk were significantly correlated, while caffeine levels did not affect cardiovascular disorders such atrial fibrillation,

 moderate and relative caffeine use to better heart health and a reduced BMI, and the new research adds additional information to our understanding of coffee's impacts.

The effects of caffeine on the body aren't all favorable, so it's vital to consider the benefits of consuming it. However, this recent study is a significant step in determining how much caffeine is best.

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