Buffalo Bills Make Massive Decision On Von Miller

the team will not remove him from the list before the deadline today. This means at minimum he will miss the first four games of the season including games  

While it is important that Miller is healthy for the long run, not having him at the start of the season may make the end of the season more difficult. It is going to be vital for teams in the AFC including the Bills 

There is no concern about Josh Allen. In fact, the offense in general seems pretty set. James Cook is entering his second year and Stefon Diggs remains one of the best receivers in the NFL. 


The defense is where a lot of people are concerned. It is an aging group and a unit that lost some pieces in free agency. 

With Miller, others will have to step on to pressure the quarterback. If every game is a shootout, it could lead to Allen forcing the ball into tight windows and leading to more mistakes. 

Hopefully for the Buffalo Bills Von Miller will be back soon. If he only misses four games that should minimize the impact.  

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