Breeds of Dogs That Will Give You Chills

Terrier type dog commonly known as a pit bull Is everyone prepared to meet the Pit Bull Terrier? These muscular puppies get a bad rap for being overly hostile and vicious, which is unwarranted.

They have an unquenchable spirit for living and are full of love and loyalty.

Although Pit Bulls are formidable guard dogs, they exhibit their softer side when cuddling up to their favorite people. You can't judge a book (or a dog) by its cover, and the same holds


olds true with Pit Bull Terriers: a well-socialized and trained one is a real softie.

Rottweiler The Rottweiler is an intimidating and devoted dog breed. Those powerful jaws and bulky build aren't for show; they're functional in the corporate world. 

These German-bred canine dynamos were originally put to work herding livestock and pulling carts full of meat to the town square.

German Shepherd The German Shepherd is up next; please say "guten tag" to him. The Swiss Army Knife of dogs, this breed is adaptable, hard-working, and more intelligent than the usual stray. 

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