3 Outdated Haircuts for Women Over 50

As we age, we need haircuts that make us look and feel good. It's easy to get trapped in a hairstyle rut, yet outmoded, short haircuts can add years to your look

With so many celebrity-favorite hairdos that promote symmetry and accentuate facial features at any age, you don't have to lose style to seem younger.

Side portions add quick volume to short hair and conjure Old Hollywood charm. "in this manner, you can move the hair from one side to the other, as you wish."


"If you really prefer a center part, make a short one so the front hair goes to either side of your face," she advises. The central hair can be combed back.

 looks attractive with a chin-length haircut and short bangs, but Abdullah warns that mature women may feel that this appearance adds years because it emphasizes aging.

Thick, blunt bangs that come past the eyebrows on a blunt bob don't frame the face and emphasize every indication of age.

"They draw attention to their eyes with their lines." She thinks fuller, blunt-cut bangs are "a very classic chic look," but they may "really make you look older." 

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