Best Chip-Preventing Nail Polish Top Coats

This top coat has over 30,000 satisfied customer reviews and dries in seconds, so you can run out the door without the fear of chipping or destroying your just-finished manicure. 

This cult favorite may not give your polish the shine of a gel, but it creates a thicker film that makes your manicure less susceptible to scratching or chipping 

Chanel’s Le Top Coat is a cult-favorite pick, but the fashion house’s newer Le Gel Coat features film-forming agents that act like resin for your polish, to lock it in place 


If you’re looking to splurge, look no further than Hermès. Not only is the bottle all kinds of chic, but the formula mirrors natural light to deliver a high-shine, curved-depth effect. 

This Essie polish gives a gel finish without the need for UV light or harsh acetone to remove it. One swipe gives your polish a velvety-matte look that lasts for weeks. 

When polish appears dull, reach for this Dior top coat, which dries in seconds and has a wide brush to paint your entire nail in one swipe. 

If you want to protect your color and get that Hailey Bieber–inspired glazed-doughnut finish, then opt for Pleasing’s Pearly Tops Polish.  

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