Aries Fashion Style Guide

Aries are known for their self-confidence, enthusiasm, and desire to try new things. Because of who they are, their clothes mirror their style.

Aries are aggressive and confident fashionistas who don't mind making a statement. Aries love to dress up for a park day or a black-tie event.

The Aries color spectrum is as vibrant as the sign. Fire, passion, vigor, and tenacity are associated with Aries' main red color. Aries like white because it represents innocence and new beginnings.


Black, the color of intrigue and strength, gives Aries' outfits an edgier air. These colors might help you channel Aries' fiery personality in your clothes and accessories.

Clothing that matches Aries' energetic characteristics works well. Power suits and fitted blazers show authority and confidence. Aries often express themselves through their attire.

Accessories may make Aries stand out and enhance their clothing. Big, showy necklaces and earrings advertise your Aries identity. Aries adore dramatic belts and headpieces. 

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