All Men Should Practice Balance and Mobility

Start with light cardioThough called a "warmup," this brief action prepares your body for more activity, not to shake off the shivers.

We need to prep for optimal movement either for our daily — walking, standing, sitting

Start your workout with 30–60 seconds of jumping jacks, then run in place and mountain climbers. Keep going for 5 minutes. Just to clarify, breathe continually.


Roll Your Upper Back/Thoracic SpineFoam noodles can be used for more than building giant lightsabers or obscene gestures at the pool. Foam rolling helps fascia

When not stretched, fascia fibers bind to muscles and nerves, causing pain and limited movement. Rolling muscles breaks scar tissue and skin-muscle-bone

horizontally with your knees bent and feet flat. Roll from your armpits to your center back with arms folded over your chest or open to

Perform 45–60 seconds. “Find the tight or good areas,” Perkins advises. There's an instinctive aspect to this—you won't do it wrong.” (Unless your kid jumps on you.)

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