4 Zodiacs Who Must Compete For Everything

SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius is the sign who is most low-key competitive. They don’t want you to know they’re competing, because they hate that “trying-too-hard” vibe, but they are.

 They compete at things that most people don’t think twice about. The things that don’t have medals or prizes or recognition, and the impetus for their competitive nature is a desire to be the opposite of the thing that grates their nerves most.

 VIRGO Virgos love control, and to get that control, they have to climb their way to the top. 

A top that only exists because other people are under them. The titles, grades, rank lists, and other arbitrary markers that create lines and categories of better or worse from which Virgos can be compared to the rest of the world


 GEMINI Geminis feel a constant pressure to be the best at everything. They have a need to be the All-American student, the employee of the month

 This need to perform stems from a deep sense of guilt when they disappoint anyone, most of all themselves. If their home is messy, it’s their fault for being lazy.

 ARIES Aries is the sign that is always training for a competition, in a tortured-Olympic-athlete, Uma-Thurman-bloody-knuckles, Rocky-Balboa-in-a-gray-sweatsuit kind of way.

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