A Tarot Reader Predicts Zodiac Expectations Before 8/21/23.

Aries Knight of Cups, your card Feel your heart this week. Lead with emotion, but not the kind that can destroy societies. Lead with your softer, romantic, and self-serving emotions

Taurus Your card: 10 of Pentacles Hard labor is finally paying off. See your hard work pay off and relax. This card normally represents financial stability, but certain triumphs bring emotional tranquility that's much more valuable.

Gemini Your card: Strength You must be strong this week. Strength is completing a task when you're exhausted. Character also helps you know when to back off.


Cancer Your card: Wands King Your charisma can draw others, but you don't always use it. Now is the moment. Socialize and exhibit your charismatic side. You never know what cool things will result.

Leo Your card: The Star Do you feel like you're drifting through life? This card suggests finding your mission this week. Where you're lacking. Have you forgotten a dream? Time for you.

Virgo Your card: 5 of Swords You're skilled at handling conflicts, and fighting is good. Fighting for fun is dangerous. If you're feeling confrontational this week, drop your sword and try something else.

Libra Your card: Queen of Cups Someone you know is going through it this week. Be calm and supportive while they process. Sometimes just being there helps.

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