A Misunderstanding of Love Among the Zodiac Signs:

Aries You are fearless and willing to go headfirst into anything, including relationships. If someone compliments your hair, you will develop a full-blown attraction to that person.

 You are the one who makes up complete fairy tales in your head about every friendly barista or male buddy who holds the door open for you. 

You're also the first one to make a move because romance will always give you an extra boost of fearlessness, which is already one of your many strong suits.


Leo You are very susceptible to the feelings and thoughts of other people, particularly with regard to how others think and feel about you. 

 If the relationship comes to an end, you might discover, after giving some serious consideration to how you actually feel about the other person,

 Libra You are crazy about love. It's likely because of this that you're never truly single. You are incredibly good at finding someone to date, whether it be the barista 

Either way, you have a knack for it. Because you are so enamored with the concept of love that can transform a person's life, you are far more inclined to label an infatuation as "love" if it can be framed in that way.

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