5 Zodiacs Crushes Coastal Cowgirl Trend

Taurus Taurus, everyone knows you enjoy coziness. You are the most likely sign to arrive at the beach party in a crewneck with damp hair from the ocean 

the coastal cowgirl vibe suits you because you're gorgeous and practical. Find an oversized button-up in your boyfriend's closet.

Cancer Cancer, you thrive near water. You thrive where summers never end and sea air is always in your lungs


Pisces Mysterious, dreamy, and sensitive Pisces, you wear your heart on your sleeve and enjoy creating a complicated style. Piscean dream worlds are full of colorful imagery and nostalgic escapism

where nothing is straightforward. Your innate sense of beauty makes you admire new trends, although you may hesitate to try them. Start small with a thrifted white off-shoulder dress.

Sagittarius Sagittarius, your bohemian spirit is obvious. You're definitely planning your next vacation around your favorite attire, making this look excellent for summer. 

Gemini Gemini, you set zodiac trends. You're the first to try anything new in your friend group and never hesitant to take a chance, even if others think you're in the Wild West

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