5 Most Uptight Signs of the Zodiac

Virgo is known for its precision and intricacy. Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, rules Virgos, born August 23–September 22.

They notice tiny details like a crumpled napkin, a missed comma, or an off-center picture frame. This feature can be helpful in some fields, but it can also cause overanalysis and stress over small issues.

Capricorns, born December 22–January 19, are responsible and ambitious. As Saturn rules discipline and order, Capricorns take life seriously.


Taurus, an earth sign born April 20–May 20, is practical and determined. Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, are grounded but resistive to change. 

Venus rules Libras, born September 23–October 22. They are masters of beauty and harmony. They may become tense in their pursuit of balance.

Libras may overthink even simple decisions like what to wear or where to eat. Their desire for balance is great, but it can make them appear uncertain and tense.

Cancer, born June 21–July 22, is a moon-ruled water sign. Strong emotional connections and nurturing disposition characterize these people. Cancerians are compassionate, but they can be tense

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