4 Single Zodiacs Dissatisfied With Their Love Lives

Libra Libra, a romantic, always longed to find your partner young. You intended to settle fast so you could start your perfect love tale. 

 You're disappointed that you're still single after risking your heart and vulnerability with others. You're upset about how long it's taking you to discover love

Capricorn One of the most independent zodiac signs is Capricorn. You're fine alone, yet you're open to settling down. You want to discover someone who will be your colleague, lover, and closest friend. 


 You wanted to rapidly get past the awkward first date and start a life with the perfect person. It didn't happen that way. But not yet.

Virgo Virgo, you always make the right paper move. Unfortunately, love is unpredictable. Quite messy. Planning is impossible. As a logical person who sets precise goals

 You assumed you would have settled down by now, but you haven't found someone who fulfills your criteria. One who makes you happier than alone. 

Leo Leo, you know you're a catch and will find love. You know your worth and are happy you haven't settled for less to stop being single. Despite that, your love life disappoints you.

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