2 Zodiac Signs With Scariest Humor

Sagittarius A natural gloominess permeates a Scorpio's being, a gloominess that also serves to characterize the sign's sense of humo

 Scorpio isn't afraid to get dirty in the fight for the joke, and he always comes out on top. 

The Scorpion is known for their extremely macabre sense of humor, and there is no topic that is off limits for them to make light of. 


The more twisted and morbid something is, the more hilarious it is likely to be to a Scorpio.

 Gemini The twins of the zodiac, Gemini, benefit much from conversation and debate. Because of their dual nature, they have the rare capacity to see things from several angles

. The sign of the Capricorn The Capricorn personality can be cold and sarcastic. When given the chance, this earth sign, which is frequently misunderstood, is capable of displaying a hilariously dark side

The negative outlook of a Capricorn is a quality that works well with gloomy comedy. Capricorn is known to make others laugh by making fun of themselves, but they are also capable of being sardonically humorous in other ways.

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